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Social impact

B4work is a project that stands out for its great social impact. With every step we take, we reaffirm our commitment to a better and fairer world for all. Would you like to collaborate?
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Our impact on the SDG

B4work contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), these actions not only benefit the project, also help move towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for all.

Decent work and economic growth

B4work facilitates the connection between recruiters and candidates, contributes to the reduction of the unemployment rate, to economic growth and often puts an end to poverty.
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Commitment to gender equality

B4work stands out for its diversity and equity. Our candidate database is a reflection of this commitment, 57.6% are women and 42.4% are men.
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Reduction of inequalities

B4work decentralises the recruiting industry, positioning candidates as the main asset, thus reducing the inequality they suffer respect to companies.
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Partnerships to achieve the goals

B4work has established international partnerships with different companies. These partnerships strengthen our capacity to deliver on this social project.
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We contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment

B4work is a great solution to reduce youth unemployment in Spain, it is the only player that is tackling the issues causing this high youth unemployment rate.
B4work is a great community where people are the main asset in the recruitment process. The aim is to offer them a unique experience and empower their talent so that they finally feel valued, generating the motivation they need to be able to find a job.
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We promote an inclusive work environment

We strive to promote a truly inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and fully develop their professional career.
We collaborate with companies that are committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market, removing barriers and thus strengthening the integration of people with disabilities in the labour market.

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Help us achieve a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for all!
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