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Post your job offers with Talanta on B4work, Indeed, Google Jobs and LinkedIn and manage the recruitment process. All from a single platform!
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Some companies that hire with B4work
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What’s Talanta and how does it work?

Talanta is a free tool for SMEs that don't have a recruitment software (ATS). It can be used by only one user and is perfect to digitize the recruitment process and start saving time and money.

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Create the jobs
Thanks to a simple form, create attractive and unlimited jobs.
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Post on B4work
You’ll be able to post also on Indeed, Google Jobs, LinkedIn and your RRSS.
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Candidate screening
Manage the hiring process and give real time feedback.
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Hire talent
The time has come! Choose the person you’re looking for and let her/him know.

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If you want to start using Talanta, it is very simple. All you need to do is fill in a short form to create your account.
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Create unlimited jobs

Use a simple form to intuitively create all the jobs you need. Add multimedia content and make them speak for themselves.
You won't miss any detail
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B4work has become a great ally for HR departments. Our team adapts to the needs of companies to solve all those challenges related to their recruitment processes or employer branding.


Post on B4work and share on Social Networks

Post your job offers on B4work and also on Indeed, Google Jobs and LinkedIn. In addition, you will be able to share them on social networks.
All from a single platform
Greater visibility of your offers
Publica B4work y comparte en RRSS
Cribar candidatos

Screen candidates y give them feedback

Manage applicants and communicate progress in real time with B4work's push notifications and automatic emails.
Automatic and effortless process
Keep all notes at hand

Hire the best talent and succeed

Finish the hiring process by choosing the candidate that best fits the requirements of your position and let him or her know with a click.
Offer a unique experience
Increase people's satisfaction
Contrata el mejor talento