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Integration with ATS (recruitment software) is a key part of B4work's growth. This integration capacity positions us as an innovative and disruptive talent marketplace.

ATS integrated with B4work

Today, we have integrated with some of the most important ATS in the market, this is the result of our purpose and hard work to offer the best experience to candidates and employers.

B4work is the solution to talent shortage

This connection to ATS not only simplifies and optimizes recruitment processes, it also significantly expands access to a diverse and qualified talent marketplace.

Companies will be able to access a new talent marketplace thanks to more than 3.5 million downloads of our application, posting job offers easily and receiving directly in their ATS the most qualified candidates for their vacancies.
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What is an ATS and what benefits does it bring to a company?

The main problem of HR departments is the shortage of time to review the multitude of applications they receive in recruitment processes.

This is the main solution that guarantees an ATS, it allows to automatically filter the qualified candidates for the vacancy, all thanks to a specific algorithm, certain tags, keywords or other parameters.
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We help you grow and we grow with you

At B4work, we know that your growth is linked to ours. We are passionate about creating synergies with new partners for together can promote development and innovation in the Human Resources sector.

If you are a company that develops or distributes HR management software and you want to collaborate with B4work, contact us.