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Save time and fill your job vacancies quickly with B4work! Communicate and give feedback in real time in the talent marketplace that offers a unique experience to your candidates.
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Choose your plan and get started!

Select the best option according to the characteristics of your company and the number of users that manage the selection processes. More than 200 happy customers.

Free plan

Solution for small businesses looking to go digital. Post your jobs on B4work with our tool Talanta.

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Integration plan

Solution for SMEs or large companies that already have a recruitment software. We integrate your ATS.

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If you are a large company, you can also choose the Free plan and try B4work.
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Attract the best talent

Open the doors to the most qualified talent for your jobs. B4work has more than 2.6 million downloads and more than 170,000 active users.

Place the candidate experience at the center

For us, people come first. Offer an unforgettable candidate experience thanks to innovative technology and a dynamic process.

Give feedback without efforts

80% of candidates complain about the lack of feedback. They will automatically receive push notifications on their mobile or tablet regarding updates in the process.

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Safe time and money

Managing the selection process and tracking applications from a single platform will help you to be more efficient and reduce costs.

Communicate in real time

A dream come true! You'll chat with your candidates and you’ll have a fluid and instantaneous conversation. The uncertainty of sending emails is over!

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Discover what users think

Thanks to NPS and customized surveys you’ll discover the user experience in your selection processes and you’ll be able work on their continuous improvement.

The problem we solve

"It is more and more complicated to contact by email, we call by phone and neither, many times the person is busy.... I would need a chat."

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