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Some companies that hire with B4work
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Next, you can discover all its features and see that B4work is more than just a job app. Simplify your work and find the talent you are looking for once and for all.

Chat employer-candidate

Chat with candidates easily and fast!

How many times have you sent an email to a candidate and not received a reply? What do you think about that? You find the talent but it is impossible to contact. All your work gone to waste? We have the solution!
The dream of recruiters has come true. Send a chat and have a fluid and instantaneous conversation - no more worries! Put an end to uncertainty - let's chat!

Give real time feedback with no effort

When candidates apply for a job they want to know the status of their application, don't they? We know that. But we also know that it's unmanageable for recruiters.

By integrating your human resources software (ATS), you'll automatically notify your candidates the latest feedback. Without additional workload, the engagement of your employer brand will be improved!
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Get to know the opinion of the candidates according to their experience

The best way to improve the hiring process is to know the real experiences of the people who are 'on the other side'. With B4work you have the opportunity to create customized forms to find out what you always wanted to know:
Would you recommend my company? (NPS*)
How did you feel during the hiring process?
Were you well informed about the job description?
*Net Promoter Score: a scoring system from 1 to 10 that measures customer satisfaction.

Customize your company profile and make the difference

Would you go to the most important party of your life in a borrowed suit? Of course not. Show who you are from the first moment, customize your company profile with your logo, brand image and corporate color.
Are you already imagining how it would look?
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These companies are not real.
Personaliza tu perfil
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Install your career page and attract the best talent

Add a short version of your career page in your candidates' pocket and get a unique experience from the very first moment. You'll be able to explain your story and offer all the information you consider attractive for them to join your team.
Don't know what to tell, take note!
What is it like to work in your company?
What defines you as a brand or what are your values?
What do your employees think about you?
What benefits do you offer?