Profile and CV

1. I can’t upload my CV

Upload your CV in two different ways:

  • Upload your CV from a folder on your mobile, if you have it downloaded it.
  • Upload your CV from Dropbox or Drive. You can copy your CV in a cloud folder such as Drive and use the Drive app in your mobile.

When you click on upload your CV in the app, we’ll let you choose one of these two options. Remember that your CV should not be bigger than 2MG and must be a PDF. DOC or DOCX file.

2. When I click in “See my CV” the page turns gray

Don't worry, it is because your CV is in DOC or DOCX format, and your mobile is not able to read this type of file. In any case, when you apply for a job, your CV will be sent correctly and the recruiter will be able to view it properly on his PC.

3. Who can see my personal information and my CV?

Your contact details and CV are private and we guarantee that they will only be sent to the recruiter when you apply for one of their offers.

4. Can I upload an extra file?

Sorry, only one document can be uploaded per user. If you have a certificate or cover letter, you can include all the information along with your CV and upload it to your account in a single file.


1. How can I keep track of my applications?

To check your application status click on “Active Applications”

  • When you apply to a job, your CV and contact information are sent to the recruiter. Your CV is in “Applied” status.
  • The recruiter screens the candidates. Your status can change to “Archived” or “In progress”.
  • Last step, the recruiter makes a final screening and creates a shortlist. Your status can change to “Archived” or “Hired”.

We’ll send you a notification to your mobile as soon as there’s any change in your applications.

2. No change in my application status

The reasons could be one of these three:

  • If you applied for a job from a job portal outside B4work, you must accept to be in the company's database. Pay attention because if you don’t do it within 30 days, the company will not be able to contact you.

    *How to do it?
    Go to your email inbox, search for "offer title" and find the email you received from the company when you applied for the job. In that email you'll see a request to be added to the company's database. Just click on "Yes, I agree to be in the database".
  • If you have applied to a job posted several weeks ago, there's probably tons of applications, and the recruiter may have already selected the candidates he/she wants to interview.
  • Finally, the selection process can quite long. This veries with each company. It depends on the number of profiles that the company requires and how fast they need to fill in the vacancy. That's the reason why some selection processes may take longer.

3. I can’t see my applications

Check the following issues to confirm that it’s not a error:

  • Doble check that you are in “All companies”. At the upper side of the screen you can switch companies. If you click on “All companies” you’ll view all your applications in all the companies.
  • Did you check in “Inactive applications”? The selection process could be already closed or maybe the application is inactive.
  • Did you use the same email address for the application and for the B4work account? Your email address helps us to know what positions you are applying to and thus show them to you in your application space. If you use a different email, your application will not be shown.

4. What are “No status change” applications?

Some companies prefer to contact you directly via email or phone. That is why if you have an application with this type of company, there will be no change in the status of your application (Applicant, In process or Shortlist). However, you will always be able to check the job description.

5. What are “Inactive applications”?

If you have any questions about inactive applications, go to your "Inactive applications" area and click on "LEARN MORE". You’ll find all the information about it.

6. How can I cancel an application?

When you apply for a job, your contact information and CV are sent to the recruiter’s database. An application can’t be canceled but you can but you can request the deletion of your data.

If you want the company to delete your personal data, search for the confirmation email you received from them when you applied for the job. In the last paragraph your can click on exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (ARCO-POL rights). A dialog box will open so that you can exercise your right to have your data deleted.

Other queries

1. I can’t log in my account

Please, address to candidatos@b4workapp.com and tell us:

  • What screen are you on? Can you send us a screenshot?
  • What’s your user email address?
  • Did you receive a verification email? Did you verify your email address?

We’ll send this information to our R&D team to analyse and solve the error.

2. There’s an error / the screen is blocked

Please, address to candidatos@b4workapp.com and tell us:

  • When or after what action did the error occur? Can you send us a screenshot?
  • What’s your user email address?
  • What device are you using?
  • What iOS or Android version are you using?

We’ll send this information to our R&D team to analyse and solve the error.

3. I can only view applications from a the same company

Some companies use B4work as their exclusive space. Therefore, if you’ve been recommended to go to their space you’ll only view info from that company. We wish you the best of luck with the process.

4. What’s the list of companies at the upper side of the screen for?

When you pile up many applications, the list of companies will allow you to check the jobs and applications of each company separately.

  • All companies: you’ll find all the companies that post jobs on the app and you’ll have access to all their jobs.
  • A company’s area: you’ll be able to check your applications on that specific company and access all it’s job listings.

5. How can I increase my chances of being hired?

  • Keep your CV always up to date. Every time you attend a course, or improve your language level, update your CV.
  • Search for jobs in other locations. Big cities always have more job opportunities.
  • Check the jobs regularly. New listings are posted every day, so don’t miss them!

6. Is there a PC version of B4work?

We’re working on a version that helps you to search jobs and track your applications from your computer. Right now, the website only allows you to sign in. To view jobs, apply for them and follow up your applications you’ll have to download the app.